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SuperHeal® O-Live Mask

SuperHeal® O-Live Mask

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SuperHeal® Olive Mask is a potent exfoliating mask that decongests pores, reduces pore size, diminishes redness, and lifts stubborn impurities while enhancing the skin’s natural radiance and complexion.

    Suitable skin type

    Normal, Combination, and Mature Skin.

    Prevents and corrects

    - Clogged Pores
    - Skin Impurities
    - Fine lines and wrinkles
    - Dark Spots
    - Uneven Skin tone
    - Rough skin texture
    - Dull Skin


    Olive Leaf Extract, Alpha-Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Vitamin A Acetate, L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sorbitol, Silica, Trimagnesium Phosphate, Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acid (Fruit Acid Extract), Bentonite, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Hispagel, Brij 30, Boric Acid, Kojic Acid, Arbutin Glycoside, Dimethicone Coplyol, Talc, Aloe Vera Gel, Phenoxyethanol, Water.

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    Key Benefits

    The history of Phyto-C Skin Care by Phytoceuticals is interwoven with the constant search for pure and natural.

    Removes stubborn surface impurities

    Brightens skin radiance and complexion

    Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Key Ingredients

    The history of Phyto-C Skin Care by Phytoceuticals is interwoven with the constant search for pure and natural. safe, and effective ingredients.

    Patented SuperHeal Olive Leaf Extract

    Bentonite & Kaolin Clay


    How to apply
    Phyto-C Products


    Cleanse: Apply a generous amount into your palm and use both hands to lather before applying generously to the face, neck, and chest. Rinse off remaining product using lukewarm water.

    Toner: Apply a generous amount of toner onto a cotton pad and apply evenly to face, neck, and chest. Allow to dry before applying vitamin C serums. 

    Mask: Apply Mask until face, neck, and chest are covered and let dry until the mask starts to crack. Wash the mask off using lukewarm water.

    Retinol: Apply a few drops into your palm and apply to full face, neck, and chest using your fingertips. (Use at night and avoid direct or prolonged exposure to the sun)

    Vitamin C Serum: Apply a few drops into your palm and apply to full face, neck, and chest using your fingertips.

    Correcting Serum: Apply 3-4 drops to problematic skin and massage until the product is fully absorbed.

    Moisturizing Gel: Apply a few drops into your palm and apply to full face, neck, and chest using your fingertips.

    Moisturizing Cream: Apply a generous amount to face, neck, and chest and massage into the skin until it has fully absorbed. 

    How to apply <br> Phyto-C Products

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    A Phyto-C Skin Care Customer
    Valerie R.
    United States United States

    Love it!

    One of the very only products that immediately and actually works to improve and beautify my very sensitive rosacea/ acne-prone skin. I use as directions say- 2x per week 40 min. Worth the cost and the wait time.

    A Phyto-C Skin Care Customer
    Valerie R.
    United States United States

    Game changer

    I’m literally never going back ...this along with the clay mask has made a huge difference in my acne prone sensitive skin. I’ve done accutane, differin, epiduo , antibiotics, proactive...this gentle luxurious gel makes my skin soft, radiant, and most importantly, clear!

    Greece Greece

    Amazing mask

    I would recommend this product, for those who doesn’t like to use any make up, ‘cause after using this mask you can go “*****” faced whenever you want. Makes the skin looks perfect without any makeup after several weeks of usage.

    Jenny G.

    Great face mask

    I use this mask about once a week and it really makes a difference! When I wash it off I feel like my skin is glowing and my complexion overall is just smoother! My skin at times can be very red and blotchy and this definitely helps calm it down. I love this mask and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good mask experience!

    You have questions,
    we have answers

    What is the shelf life of the products?

    Any vitamin C product has an estimated 1-year shelf life. (depending on how it is stored) we recommend keeping it in the refrigerator or in a cool, dark place. We recommend using our products within 3-6 months after opening. If you find that your product has discoloration or an unusual odor, our customer care team is here to assist you.

    Non vitamin C products have an estimated 2-year shelf life.

    Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?

    The main ingredient customers ask about during pregnancy is Retinol (Vitamin A). Most women will not use products that contain Vitamin A while pregnant.  However, we always advise you check with your primary care doctor.

    Are your products cruelty free?

    Yes, the whole line Is cruelty free.

    Where are your products made?

    Phyto-C is a family owned and operated business located in Elmwood Park, NJ. All our products are crafted locally in house and by hand.

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