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Our Team

Dr. Mostafa Omar

With a passion for discovery and natural ingredients, Dr. Mostafa M. Omar can easily be acknowledged for inventing one of the skin care industry’s most important anti-aging innovations – the world’s only stabilized liquid form of L-­Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Dubbed the “Father of Liquid L-Ascorbic Acid” by the National Cancer Institute, Dr. Omar has been researching, investigating and developing medicines and skin care solutions for the past 40 years. His deep-‐rooted background in pharmacognosy, the study of medicinal drugs derived from plants or other natural sources throughout history make him one the most intriguing, knowledgeable and experienced experts in the skin care industry today.

Dr. Omar’s invention awarded him being recognized as the principal investigator for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Photo-­aging Prevention research. He has been conducting research and developing groundbreaking formulas as a Professor of Pharmacognosy at University of Rhode Island’s College of Pharmacy for over 40 years.

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Eddie Omar, Ph.D.

Dr. Eddie Omar joined Phyto-C Skin Care after graduation in 2013, holding several roles in the company in order to have a deep understanding of all aspects of the business functionality from marketing, sales to product formulation. As the CEO and assistant product formulator at Phyto-C, Dr. Eddie Omar is responsible for overseeing all company operations.

Dr. Eddie Omar attended the University of Rhode Island where he completed a Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry in a record breaking 2 years. Dr. Omar’s goal for Phyto-C is to help one million people with their skin concerns.

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Amira Omar

Amira Omar joined Phyto-C Skin Care in 2010. Amira by title is the Office Manager but her role spans much further than that as she excels in delivering unmatched customer service, oversees domestic sales, and plays a vital role in daily operations.

Amira graduated from William Paterson University where she majored in interpersonal communications, which explains why she has developed close relationships with her customers who have become friends, and even some she considers family.

Christine Coco

As the production manager at Phyto-C, Christine Coco is responsible for every single aspect of production including production efficiency, deadlines, and quality assurance. Christine joined Phyto-C Skin Care shortly after high school, holding several roles in the company in order to have a deep understanding of all aspects of Phyto-C. Christine has been a natural leader at Phyto-C enforcing a great company culture and promoting Phyto-C’s four internal values: Unity, Quality, Efficiency, and Effectiveness.


Christine Coco attended William Paterson University where she completed a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology.