"We love using Phyto-C products because of the innovative formulation and the top quality ingredients."

 Brittany, Master Esthetician
Javan Anti-Aging and Wellness Institute

1.) 7.5-8x More Effective than Vitamin C Alone

Most Vitamin C serums are ineffective because they're the wrong molecule form, silicone based, or the wrong concentration. We solved for all 3 problems and made it 7.5-8x more effective by adding Retinol, Vitamin E and our patented Olive Leaf Extract. Together, this antioxidant powerhouse brightens, smoothes and firms your skin like no other Vitamin C product on the market today.

2.) A Miracle for Mature Skin

By age 55, you will have lost up to 50% of your collagen and elastin, which leads to dullness, sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. Due to its high potency ingredients and unique formulation, Superheal® O-Live Serum adds youth, glow and dewyness back to mature skin, and evens fades pigmentation. It's also safe and effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

3.) Clinically Tested, with Proven Results

Unlike most skincare brands today, our products are among the most researched and well studied products on the market. Our latest 8-week trial showed significant improvement in elasticity and fine lines, and showed more even and brighter skin tone in all 30 of the participants. Dr. Birch — of Purety Family Medical Clinic — calls our products a "pure, effective line".

4.) Visibly Better Skin after 2 Weeks

Our fast-acting, clinically tested serum has been proven to show noticeable results after just 2 weeks of use, and sometimes even sooner. Many customers have even stopped wearing makeup as their skin now has a natural, glowing and dewy look and feel. Customers tell us they often get the question: "Wow, did you get a facelift?" — They can confidently answer "No, it's the Superheal® O-Live Serum!"

5.) Created by Scientists, not Marketers

Unlike other brands that spend more on marketing than product development, we invest heavily in our research and clinical trials. All products are crafted by hand at our 27,000 sq ft facility in New Jersey, allowing us to bring you the highest quality, science-backed, safe and effective formulations, at an affordable price.

"I appreciate the way it helps my skin texture and appearance. At 67 I’ve had many years of fun in the sun and using this serum really has helped undo some of the damage. What a difference!"

— Patricia Leffke, Virginia Beach

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Superheal® O-Live Serum is a powerful anti-aging Vitamin C serum, made 7.5-8x more effective with Retinol, Vitamin E and patented Superheal® Olive Leaf Extract.

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Brighten and even skin tone and texture

Improve skin elasticity and firmness

Fade pigmentation and age spots

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