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Product FAQs

What is the best order to use your products in?

It is best to apply Phyto-C products as described below.

1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Vitamin C Serum
4. Gel
5. Cream/Lotion

I have sensitive skin can I use vitamin c products?

Yes, we recommend using Serum Fifteen or Supreme Serum if you have sensitive skin.

Is Retinol (vitamin A) safe for pregnancy?

We advise against products containing Retinol during pregnancy.

Is SD Alcohol dangerous for the skin?

SD alcohol only makes up a small percentage of the formula and is not considered harmful. Alcohol helps with the solubility of some formulas and even helps improve skin absorption.

What is the best way to apply your serum?

Apply a few drops (3-4) to your hands then massage into your face, neck, and chest until the product is fully absorbed.

Products that contain Vitamin A:

- Retinol 1%

- SuperHeal O-Live Serum

- Selenium in C Serum

Shipping FAQs

Do you offer free shipping?

Orders above $200 USD get free ground shipping within the U.S.

What is your shipping Policy?

Please visit our shipping policy page for more information:

Returns FAQs

What is your Returns Policy?

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