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Clinically Proven Skincare to help you "C" the Difference.

2 National Cancer Institute Grants:
- "Prevention of UV Photo Injury in Skin by Antioxidants"
- "Photoprotection of Skin by Topical Selenium"

2 Patents:

- SuperHeal Olive Leaf Extract Patent #6,743,449 B2
- Aloeferon patent #4861761

Selenium in C

NCI Grant #l-R43-CA94484-01

Selenium is an essential trace element that has been clinically proven to reverse the appearance of photo-aging and photo-damage. 

Selenium's supremacy in vitamin C formulations perpetuates 8-fold antioxidant potency to visibly reverse and prevent the premature signs of aging, improve uneven skin tone, and provide crucial vitamin C skin nourishment. This powerful combination of natural antioxidants is scentless and should be the foundation to any proper skincare regimen.

When combined, topical selenium and Vitamin E have been demonstrated to have the most potent antioxidant properties to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discoloration.