Difference between natural and organic skincare products

organic skin care products

The pandemic has shown us the importance of having good health. But why should ‘good health’ be only limited to our physical well-being and not skin too? Skin is the outer covering layer of the body is exposed to several things, from harsh weather conditions to several skincare products that one uses. Therefore, it has become necessary to take proper care of skin with the correct skincare products. It is a known notion that about 60% of skincare products that you apply get absorbed in your skin, and thus selecting the correct products has become the prime focus for several generations.

We all search for products that are either natural or organic. Now you may ask, what is the difference? While several of you may think that there lies no such difference, well let us clear your doubt. There lies a prominent difference between a natural and an organic skincare product. Read on to know, understand, and then select your perfect range of skincare products.

Natural products: Products made from ingredients that are naturally found in nature. It can be both plant or animal-based, and not created in laboratories. Hence, you can be sure that there lies no presence of harmful chemicals.

Organic products: These products are made from plant-based ingredients that are organically grown, that is without the use of any fertilizers or pesticides. Such plants are usually grown using biofertilizers and hence go soft on the skin.

Reading the ingredient list before buying anything should be made into practice, and just mentioning ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ has turned into a gimmick.

  • Mode of production

The major difference lies in the fact that organic skincare products have stricter instructions for production than natural ones. Therefore, organic products are always more pricey than their counterparts.

  • Inhibitions of ingredient use

Organic products are never manufactured using preservatives, sulfates, herbicides, or other artificial or chemical pesticides. There also lies no usage of growth regulators along with moderate usage of antibiotics for proper manufacturing of organic skincare products. Also, proper land management is ensured for developing organic skin care products.

For naturally derived products, along with the above-mentioned inhibitions of ingredients, GMO crops or animals too cannot be channelized for the production of natural skincare products. Moreover, every step of manufacturing should be identical throughout the process.

  • Going vegan

Going vegan has become an integral part of healthy living, and more people are starting to incline toward this notion. However, on package signages of ‘cruelty-free’ or ‘100% vegan’ are doing the rounds. However, these do not automatically translate into products being organic or natural.

Why switch to natural or organic products?

  • Become environment friendly. Without the use of harmful chemicals, waste management is ensured, and thereby benefits the environment.
  • Organic and natural care of the body ensures little or side effects. Being said that, it is better to go through the ingredients properly to check for any allergens.
  • Natural and organic sources of ingredients are rich in the necessary ingredients needed by the skin to emit the perfect glow.

So here you go, the basic difference and importance of natural and organic skincare products. This along with a properly balanced diet should give you your dream glowy and healthy skin.