Firm & Lift

Firm and lift

Firming and tightening the skin on your face no longer requires drastic and invasive measures. More and more these days, dermatologists are turning to high-quality skincare products as effective and natural looking alternatives to surgical procedures. Phyto-C Skin Care by Phytoceuticals, Inc. has developed natural, safe, and effective skin care products made from natural ingredients to visibly lift, firm, and tighten your skin to leave you looking youthful and radiant.

Understanding Firm & Lift Skincare Products

Some common reasons people might turn to firming and lifting skin care products include:

  • Development of jowls: These are the lower part of a person’s cheek, especially when it is drooping
  • Double chin or a sagging neck
  • Sunken cheeks
  • Deep folds around the mouth and nose
  • Sagging jawline

There are several reasons why skin may start to sag. With age comes a significant reduction in elastin and collagen levels, both of which are essential for providing the skin’s structural support. Exposure to UV light activates enzymes that break down collagen and slows down new collagen deposits, reducing volume and elasticity over time.

Additionally, as we age, the bones in our face tend to get reabsorbed, resulting in sagging. Bone loss can be attributed to several factors including calcium and vitamin D deficiency, smoking, excessive caffeine consumption and not following a bone-building diet.

Lastly, loss of facial fat due to aging and other factors like hormonal and environmental changes can cause the skin on the face to sag and droop.

Popular Products for Firming and Lifting Skin

With skin care, prevention is better than trying to find a cure. Using products with sunscreen or antioxidants like Vitamin E and C can go a long way for preventing skin from sagging. However, if your skin has already started to droop, there are products you can use to help tighten and firm up your skin.

Below is a short list of products we recommend to firm and lift skin:

Step 1: Mask, Cleanse and Tone

  • Phyto-C Soothing Cleanser
  • Phyto-C Balancing Toner

Step 2: Vitamin C Antioxidant

  • Phyto-C Hyper-C

Step 3: Clinical Strength Brightening Gel

  • Phyto-C Hyper Lift

Step 4: Moisturize

  • Phyto-C Hyper Hydrate

Step 5: Apply Sunscreen

Common Firm & Lift FAQs

  • At what age does your face change the most?

As we age, our facial structures change. While there is no age in which the face suddenly and drastically changes, middle aged individuals (especially women undergoing menopause) may experience significant loss of fat and resorption of bone structure in their faces, leading to sagging and a droopier appearance.  

  • Can Phyto-C Skin Care products help firm & lift sagging skin?

Yes. Products formulated with Retinol, Peptides, Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid can tighten the skin on your face, giving you a natural and more-youthful look.

  • What is a firming and lifting facial and is it necessary?

A firming and lifting facial is a clinical treatment that involves four progressive steps that aim to cleanse, hydrate, revitalize and firm the skin. This kind of facial is the perfect nonsurgical procedure right before special events like a wedding. By improving the skin’s elasticity through moisturization, firming and lifting facials can enhance the appearance of one’s face, lessening wrinkles and folds.

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Phytoceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is recognized internationally as a leader in natural chemistry skincare and health care products. We invented the topical Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) formulation, for which we were awarded the following grants: NCI Grant #1 R43- CA83538-01A1 and NCI Grant #1-R43-CA94484-01. All our products are hand inspected using a six-point quality control assurance system, giving you peace of mind when you use them.

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