Meet Dr. Eddie Omar

Dr. Eddie Omar

Dr. Eddie Omar

Research Scientist, Natural Product Chemist & Phyto-C CEO

Dr. Eddie Omar has had big shoes to fill growing slowly in the shadows of his father, Dr. Mostafa Omar. With a passion for business that stemmed early from entrepreneurial role models, Dr. Omar knew for sure at an early age he wanted to follow in his fathers footsteps and be in business. He worked every summer alongside his father who instilled his passion of natural products into Dr. Eddie Omar. When the decision of where to go to college came up, Dr. Eddie Omar followed in his fathers footsteps and attended the University of Rhode Island where he completed a Ph.D in Medicinal Chemistry in a record breaking 2 years while starting a supplement company to begin learning about business. Within those two years, he discovered novel compounds with strong anticancer and anti-hyperglycemic properties.

  • Alpha-glucosidase inhibitory hydrolyzable tannins from Eugenia jambolana seeds.
  • Compounds Isolated and Elucidated from A. platanoides Bark
  • Compounds Isolated and Elucidated from V. corymbosum Roots 

He has 2 patents and 2 patents pending and over 9 registered trademarks. 1 Patent from his natural product discoveries published in high impact factor journals from his research at the University of Rhode Island and the other 2 from his invention of gelatin shot invented for students to use as an alternative to prescription drugs students took.
 As soon as Dr. Omar graduated, he joined Phyto-C Skin Care where his father told him he must start at the bottom and work his way up. He was concurrently growing his company where his products made it into big box retailers such as GNC, Vitamin World, Amazon, and the largest sports nutrition distributor in the U.S., Europa.

In 4 short years, Dr. Eddie Omar became Chief Operations Officer of Phyto-C Skin Care with the goal of creating a strong internal company culture and expanded international distribution in Russia, Shanghai, Mexico, Austria, and Germany in strive of building Phyto-C Skin Care into the largest and most respected cosmeceutical company.
Dr. Omar continues to travel the world and work alongside his father investigating new ingredient combinations and innovations about Phyto-C.  The brand is available is 21 countries including the United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Asia and Europe.