Exfoliation helps eliminate dead skin cells, rejuvenate the epidermis, and refresh the complexion. Exfoliating regularly will help your skin look healthier and more radiant. The team at Phyto-C Skin Care by Phytoceuticals, Inc. researches, develops, and manufactures natural, safe, and effective products to effectively exfoliate skin. Our products are suitable for a variety of different skin types.

Understanding Exfoliation

Some common reasons your skin may need to be exfoliated include:

  • Acne
  • Skin feels dry
  • Dull looking skin
  • Clogged pores
  • Little bumps on the skin

Exfoliation is the process of getting rid of dead skin cells on the skin’s surface. In addition to eliminating dry skin and dead skin, a regular exfoliation routine increases skin’s radiance, clarity, and youthful appearance.

Regular exfoliation can also be beneficial for people with acne-prone skin. Exfoliation can help to clear clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts. It can also help visibly reduce acne scars by increasing the turnover rate of skin cells.

Your skin is always repairing and replacing itself, which means there are many layers of dead skin waiting to be removed. Exfoliating helps shed these leftover dead skin cells, giving you healthier, more radiant skin. Exfoliating also removes dead cells so that your skin can absorb skin care products better, making the skincare products you use more effective.

Popular Exfoliating Products

Products containing ingredients like Retinol and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s) are great for exfoliation.

Below is a short list of products we recommend for your exfoliation concerns:

Step 1: Mask, Cleanse and Tone, Retinol

  • Phyto-C Soothing Cleanser
  • Phyto-C Balancing Toner
  • Phyto-C Retinol 1%

Step 2: Vitamin C Antioxidant

  • Phyto-C E in C Serum

Step 4: Clinical Strength Brightening Gel

  • Phyto-C Active Serum

Step 4: Moisturize

  • Phyto-C B5 Gel

Step 5: Apply Sunscreen

Common Exfoliation FAQs

  • What is the best way to exfoliate?

The best type of exfoliation depends on your complexion, as well as the health of your skin. It is important to carefully choose an exfoliating product and method, especially if you have extremely sensitive skin.

  • Does Phyto-C skin care have exfoliating products?

Yes! Phyto-C makes products such as Phyto-C Balancing Toner, Retinol 1%, Activer Serum, Bionic Serum, and Intense Line Defense. These exfoliating products contain some of the best ingredients for skin exfoliation.

  • Can exfoliating help even out my skin tone?

Exfoliating products can help even out skin tones by breaking down dead and dry skin cells and gently removing them from the skin’s surface. This results in a smoother, more even skin tone and appearance.  

  • Can exfoliating cause dry skin?

It is important to note that over exfoliation can result in dry skin. Be sure to moisturize daily, especially when after exfoliating.

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Phytoceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1995 and is recognized internationally as a leader in natural product chemistry skincare and health care products. Our top of the line Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) invention was awarded the following grants: NCI Grant #1 R43- CA83538-01A1 and NCI Grant #1-R43-CA94484-01. All our products are hand-inspected using a six-point quality control assurance system, giving you complete peace of mind that the products you’re using are both effective and safe.

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